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Write My Essay Online ASAP

Is your schedule tight and your essay’s deadline comes close? Do you lack the time or writing skills to compose an original manuscript? In case your answer to these questions is “yes,” and the creation of the essay is still on your to-do list, then our essay writing help online is what you need! We are here to write papers from scratch under your careful guidance. We will save you a lot of time and nerves, help you focus on more essential things in life and lead you to academic success with our custom essays online service.

Why you’ll like it here?

  1. We are experienced.

GradeMiners is a company that has helped many students hand in excellent papers. We have been assisting scholars for more than ten years.

  1. We are professional.

Every author we employ is a writing expert with exceptional subject-specific knowledge. To ensure paper’s uniqueness, we also have a Quality Assurance Team. Experts working on it proofread, edit and scan every essay for plagiarism.

  1. We are available.

We work around the clock to deliver essay papers online any time you need them. Our Customer Support Team is available 24/7 to find the most appropriate writer for you.

Is It Safe to Order Essay Online?

We are aware that some students may doubt to purchase essay online. It happens because some companies offer services similar to ours but are unreliable. Yes, some essay writing platforms are scams. They promise to deliver high-quality papers at a cheap rate but disappear once a student has made a payment. One can also come across companies that write essays of poor quality. This means that bad authors work at such companies.

But we are a service to count on because:

  • We offer only the most secure payment methods.

At GradeMiners, we use only time-tested and trustworthy payment methods. We accept MasterCard, Visa. These are the safest systems for money transactions. We have no access to your credit card information, so it is absolutely safe to pay for your order with us.

  • We take confidentiality seriously.

All the data you choose to share with us is 100% protected. We achieve this with the help of a password-protected account. To log in to your private area, you have to enter a password. As you have created the unique password, no one can reach your personal information under any circumstances.

  • We hire top-notch writers across 50+ disciplines.

We employ professional writers who possess a Ph.D., MA, MBA or several degrees in various scientific fields. That’s why a specialist in a particular discipline writes every manuscript we deliver to our customers. Whether it is Biology, Astrophysics or English Literature. We have an expert nearly in every field. Plus, you can use our special service and assign a top writer to work on your order. By doing so, you hire the most high-rated expert in a particular discipline.

  • We offer a money-back guarantee.

If the essay written by our authors does not meet your instructions, you can ask for a refund within 14-30 days after the project’s completion, depending on the length of your paper. We’ll review your request and arrive at a final decision. You can request a full refund before the essay is downloaded.

  • You can contact the assigned writer to ask for changes.

We ensure customer-writer communication via a personal chat. Here you can keep in touch with the assigned author, monitor the progress of your paper’s completion, ask for alterations and more. The conversation is absolutely protected, and you remain anonymous for the person working on your project. So no one knows about the help you have received.

  • We offer unlimited revisions free of charge.

We aim to create texts that satisfy our customers. That’s why you can ask for free revisions during a 2-week period. We will polish your manuscript as many times as you need it to make your essay perfect.

  • We create essays at affordable rates.

GradeMiners is a budget-friendly service. We aim to provide cheap essays online. The cost of every text depends on its word count, topic, deadline, additional services chosen on the order form.

Can Anybody Access My Essays Online to Read Them?

Absolutely not! Why? Because…

  • We create papers from scratch.

Our authors write every essay from the ground up. They do not copy and paste content. They look for information relevant to the topic of the text, analyze it, include the essential data in the manuscripts, cite sources.

  • We don’t resell essays made for our customers.

Once you have received an essay, it’s yours to keep it. We do not use it for any purposes after the paper’s completion.

  • We don’t store completed texts.

When our author has written an essay, we have nothing to do with it. It’s yours.

GradeMiners Online Essay Writing Service in Figures

So you still have some concerns about our service? Browse our achievements to take the plunge.

  • We complete 150+ orders daily.
  • Our customer satisfaction rate is 97%.
  • The number of revisions is 8%.
  • We employ 1,000+ professional writers.
  • The percentage of orders completed before the deadline is 84%.
  • Every third customer becomes our regular client after the first order.

Are you not pressing the “Order Now” button? Do not waste your precious time and hire an expert writer to work on your essay.