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What Is a Character Analysis Essay?

At times, students are forced to encounter the phrase “character analysis” during their literature classes. An essay for character analysis talks about the things or situations that characters face and how they come up with suitable solutions. It also gives out the importance of the character in the story. An essay for character analysis can be difficult for some students to write, but character analysis essay writing service is there to help them with that.

What Is the Meaning of Character Analysis?

A character analysis is an essay that requires you to focus on the character alone in the story. You only need to answer questions asked about a particular character. This kind of essay aims to make a general look of the characters being mentioned.

These essays help us to know more about the character and anything that surrounds him or her. The importance of writing a character analysis essay is to find out the exact characteristics of a character in a story. They also help us to know what lesson we can copy from the life of a character. Below are different types of characters found in a story:

  • Protagonists- mostly, they are seen as heroes. These are also known as the main characters when the whole story revolves around their lives.
  • Antagonists- this kind of character is always considered the enemy of the main character. An antagonist doesn’t need to be a person, but it can be a gigantic creature or some set of unseen powers.
  • Main characters- these are the characters that make the story go on. There are usually two main characters in the story.
  • Dynamic characters- these are the characters who change, for instance, from being good to bad persons.
  • Static characters- these are the characters who never change from the beginning to the end of the story.
  • Minor characters- most of these characters do not change. They are only there to make the story look better by either supporting or challenging the significant characters.
  • Foils- are there to interact with the protagonist only to bring out the qualities of other characters in a story.

The Importance of Character Analysis Essays

Going into the depth of the story helps you to understand the characters and come up with good essays for character analysis. For you to come up with a good paper, you must be able to understand the types of character analysis essays you are supposed to deal with. You should also find the essential parts of the article. You should take the habit of observing the characters throughout their lives. Watch their behaviors closely; see how they may affect other characters in the story. In addition to that, you should seek an interest in studying other characters.

If you are given an assignment on character analysis, consider choosing a character of your liking. At times when you are given an assignment, the professor decides the character you are going to talk about. To write simple but good stories consider putting characters who change significantly. Thus, it will give the readers interest in going through your story.

After writing your draft, make sure you reread it. That will help you notice the points that you have missed out in your selection. As you read the story, take notes of the number of times the character has been mentioned.

The following points will help you come up with a good character analysis essay example for your assignment. They include:

  • The descriptions about the characters in the story the author suggests.
  • The relationships between the main character and the other characters in the story.
  • How the plot of the story is brought out by the characters’ actions.

An excellent way of how to write a character analysis essay

Looking into a character, specifically, a fascinating character can be very interesting. Therefore, there is a remarkable degree of analytical understanding and a constant desire for a person who is not natural, although a different person’s creative activity. Well, for most of us, carrying out a character evaluation may not need rigid knowledge or understanding about human expertise or some theories. Below are essential elements to be analyzed when writing your character analysis paper; they include:

  • Actions – the action of a particular character. The influence of someone’s reactions when you are around them. Do they seem to be the form of thwart mistakes? Do they seem to be funny and devious? Same to real-life situations, how a particular character behaves reveals much about their inner self.
  • Motivation – you should state some underlying circumstances as to why the character under analyzing behaves in a certain way. State why such choices are made. Are actions made impulsive? Are they morally stable?
  • People’s opinions – reason out if a character possesses a strong comprehension of education. Is there a use of generational terms? May they speak words in an investigative way? Do people talk about things such as blessed be, or bee’s knees? Several books have not stated a useful advantage of getting pictures or images. Therefore, many writers should paint someone’s character with the use of words since they add more value.
  • Names – take a name like “problem Pete” or Little Alice.” Do you know the type of imagery being conveyed? Do you create hypotheses centered on the selected names? Well, at some point, you may do so. Such is what the writer wants it to happen.
  • Explanations – ways in which people associate with the character explaining them. How does the writer elaborate on them? Such explanations might be perceived in a physical, emotional, or judgmental way.

When writing your essay, is it crucial to use various tools to enhance the quality of your text? Tools like plagiarism checkers can be useful for evaluating the quality of your document.

Focusing on the Macbeth play that was written by William Shakespeare, the Macbeth character analysis essay is an excellent example of an understanding of a man having different sides. The character reveals three potential personalities like ambition, bravery, and self-cautiousness.


Well, the play is an excellent example of how guilt and ambitions have resulted in adverse effects on the man that has no strength as a character. While others may consider Macbeth to be a wrong person since he is weak, his personality exhibits how broken he is not being in a position of defeating self-doubt and guilt. Though a true warrior is seen in Macbeth, he is not equipped with the crime mentally.


According to the Hamlet character analysis essay written by William Shakespeare, tragic events were portrayed. These events focus on a young prince attempting to stand by his words to his dying dad, intending to avenge his demise. Moreover, he procrastinates during the process of planning to avenge the end of his father, which is seen to be very tragic. Furthermore, his actions are perceived to be of cowardice and depression.


When studying the Romeo character analysis essay, Romeo gets into adulthood due to his constant love for Juliet. Moreover, this is stirred by the unlucky engagement with the feud, drawing evidence from various comic characters to something tragic.


In the Jane Eyre character analysis essay, Jane Eyre is seen to possess several character traits in which the readers portray real empathy. Well, she is humble, honorable, and courageous. Since several stories are based on her imperfect protagonist’s way of life in linking the downtrodden living of humans, Jane Eyre is still different.