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Why Writing a Good Cover Letter Is Important for Your Job Application

Is writing a professional cover letter turning out to be more difficult than you had anticipated? You’re not alone! Most people have a hard time crafting this type of document. Do you know that it takes an average hiring manager 10 seconds to check your application and determine what to do with it? Also, a single job description from an organization gets over 300 responses. Besides, 40% of recruiters would give the job to clients with the most impressive cover letters and resumes, and 38% of candidates have a higher likelihood of being contacted just because they wrote a good cover letter. A lot of people will focus a lot of their time creating a great resume. However, they forget that they should also work on their cover letter. You can’t deny that a greatly-written resume is important; however, you should note that the cover letter is just as fundamental as a deciding factor for the hiring manager. It is important to note that this document holds so much weight. Once you know the significance of it, it becomes easier to comprehend why you need a service to craft this letter for you.

Our company assists clients with their cover letters. Why not let us help you too? We can assist you in creating even the most complicated letters. Our expert writers can create a unique and impressive letter customized for you in only three business days. The writer in charge of creating your document will make use of your unique strengths, job target, and experience to come up with a compelling letter that explains why you’re the best fit. Our service will make your text truly shine, so you easily move on to the next step of the hiring process. Let our professionals help you with creating an amazing cover letter. Such a piece is your great sales pitch in the job application process. It will either entice or put off recruiters from going through your resume. They will get to identify why you are applying to a particular position, how qualified you are, and the value that you can provide their organization. We always put our best foot forward. So, count on our service to assist you with this very vital function.

A Step-To-Step Guide on Writing a Great Cover Letter

Are you uncertain of what you should include in this document? The following is a guide on how to write a cover letter that should help you progress to the next stage of the hiring process.

  1. Make sure you appropriately address the letter

Begin by including the contact information of your potential employer, as well as that of your own. You must be careful since a small mistake could send off your application to the wrong address. This will diminish the chances that you’re called for an interview. It is important to note that there are various ways to format this information. Still, ensure that the content is correct and complete.

  1. Use an appropriate salutation/greeting.

When writing a resume cover letter, it is important to find out whom you’re writing to. Put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager. Would you rather someone referred to you by your actual name or as “to whom it may concern?” Even worse, saying “Dear Sir/Madam” makes it sound like you’re from the Victorian era. To come up with a good greeting, you have to conduct research. If names aren’t readily apparent, go through the website of the company, check LinkedIn, or even call the company requesting to know the name of the hiring manager. Even though you’ll end up addressing your document to the wrong manager, at least it will look like you made some effort.

  1. Begin your document with a strong opening

You want the introduction to your document to stand out for all the right reasons, and to exhibit your job application in the best possible way. All this begins with your first sentence. The opening line should not be fancy. It should basically include a personal introduction, then explain how you discovered the job opening (this is a very significant formality). Later, you will have time to explain what it is that you have to bring to the table. The rest of your opening paragraph has to describe your background concisely. Information such as the degree, area of expertise/study, relevant experience, and career goals can be touched upon, especially in terms of how they align with company goals. At this point, let a little personality shine into the paragraph. Still, remember that serious companies might fall for your sense of humor. Also, get to know that an impressive cover letter has to keep things appropriate.

In the second paragraph, make sure that you make a direct response to the job description that was posted by the organization. In this space, elaborate on how your previous work experience, abilities, and skills will enable you to meet the company’s various needs. To ensure that this section echoes with the hiring manager, you should literally state phrases and words from the job description. At this point, you need to exhibit what you can bring to the table. So, make sure you take ample time to make it great. In this section, you can talk yourself up, as long as you have the facts to back it up.

In the third paragraph, describe how, as an individual, you will fit into the future of the company. Paint a crystal clear picture of several ways in which you can help advance the company and accomplish any goals that you suspect they have. You have already proven in your second paragraph that you’re a capable candidate. So, make use of this paragraph to demonstrate ways in which you will take those capabilities and assist the company in growing and reaching new heights.

The closing paragraph has to set things in motion and drive the hiring manager to reach out to you. This can be best accomplished by writing down a “call to action” (CTA). Make sure that you inform your employer in your CTA that you look forward to coming in for an interview. Inform them you will touch base within seven days if you don’t hear from them. Also, thank them for taking their time to go through your letter, as well as for the potential interview opportunity. Make sure that you don’t come off as really pushy. Still, you need to have conviction. Ensure that when writing a good cover letter, it remains memorable in the minds of the readers. This can be achieved by ensuring that you use the tone in which you’re attempting to convey.

Why You Should Get Assistance from Our Resume and Cover Letter Writing Company

Most clients want to know why they should hire us for the job. What is it about our service that stands out? Unlike the rest of the companies assuring to provide you with the best features, we make sure to meet our end of the deal. First, we have completed thousands of cover letter for our clients. Writing a great cover letter needs experience. We have been in this industry for over a decade now. So, we are very good at crafting these papers. Our skilled and experienced team of writers has mastered the art of personalized resume and cover letter writing for job seekers in all types of job industries. Our experts know what recruiters are searching for, and they know how to include specific industry words and phrases that ensure that you stand out to the hiring managers. So, let our pros assist you. Over 80% of our customers are repeat clients that were impressed with the quality of our services, and they normally come back stating how they got invited to interviews by employers within the first 14 days after delivery. Our service values your privacy. So, we can guarantee to maintain it. Our Company Policy clearly states that we do not share any of your private and financial information to a third party. Other reasons why people prefer our company is because:

  • We are available 24/7

Reach out to our customer support at any time you need assistance.

  • Industry Specific and Keyword Optimized Words

Each document from our cover letter writing service is thoroughly optimized for the appropriate keywords in every professional field. We ensure that we check it before delivery to ensure that it passes the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). This way, it is easily noticed by employers. Also, we are capable of optimizing your LinkedIn profile for improved visibility.

  • Secure Payment Methods

Make use of our safe and reliable payment methods such as Visa and PayPal.

Order Today to Get Your Cover Letter from Our Professional Service

Writing a cover letter for a CV has never been easier. Thanks to our qualified and competent career experts, you no longer have to worry about crafting the perfect paper. What are you waiting for! Order now.