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An Outstanding Argumentative Essay Outline for Every Topic

You can only develop an outline for something you understand. Firstly, we need to understand what an argumentative essay is, before writing an appropriate outline for writing these types of papers. Unlike normal essays, argumentative papers focus on presenting information about a particular central thesis. In most of the cases, you would be required to research a topic that has two sides. In your paper, you would need to provide arguments or support for either side of the arguments. The fact that you are presenting arguments for two sides of an issue means that you have to do your research well.

An argumentative research essay may be written in 4 major steps, including an introduction, major arguments, counter argument and conclusion. These stages outline the major steps of writing these opinionated essays:

  • Introduction

This section, also known as the attention grabber, is meant to introduce readers to the core thesis or topic of discussion. The introduction must contain a ‘hook’ that draws the attention of the readers to the paper. It must also contain background information on the topic backed by reliable sources. The last sentence in the introduction is often the thesis statement, which provides a synopsis of what the paper is all about.

  • Major argument

For these types of essays, you need to write up to three body paragraphs that represent your main argument.

  • Counter argument

The counter argument or the opposing argument is often written as a single paragraph after the main arguments are presented. The purpose of the counter argument is to give additional weight to the actual position or stand of the paper.

  • Conclusion

This is the final part of the paper and is often a wrap-up of the entire paper. In this section, you can rephrase the main argument, summarize the main points and end with a call to action or some concluding remarks.

Depending on the format or type of essay you are writing the argumentative essay outline may change considerably. However, the 4 main components of these essays we have highlighted in the paper will often be present.

Is There a Proper Argumentative Essay Definition?

Scholars have been working tirelessly to find an appropriate argumentative essay definition. A critical component of these definitions is that the paper has to be opinionated. There has to be a central argument upon which the paper will present two sets of arguments; supporting and opposing arguments. Understanding the definition of a persuasive essay is important in writing a good essay. In most of the cases, educators will often ask students to write these essays so that they can learn to defend a particular position. In most of the cases, these essays are good opportunities for students to practice their persuasion and writing skills. The core of these types of papers is the fact that they tend to convince the reader of your opinion or idea, as presented in the paper.

A good argumentative essay must clearly present your position on a particular topic or subject matter. As noted earlier, the purpose of this type of writing is to support a particular standpoint or opinion. Most persuasive essays are based on controversial topics and thus are two-sided. Thus, a well written paper focuses on one position. You need to focus your paper on one position and find research evidence to support your ideas and opinions. Your opinions cannot be persuasive without reasonable facts. These facts account for the why of the paper. You need to convince your readers why you think the position you are taking is the best. This can only be achieved through extensive research from credible sources.

Without reasons or facts, your position will be baseless. Thus, you would have a very weak position for your paper. A persuasive essay has to have evidence. In the body of your essay, you need to cement your claims using factual information from other sources. This is where citations and references become critical for your paper. For example, when writing a paper on the legalization of marijuana, you need to give writers facts based on published information from current journal articles and books. Without such references, there is little proof that the information you are providing is factual or even evidence at all. A best argumentative essay is well structured, referenced and realistic in the way the facts are presented and supported.

Similar to an essay, an argumentative essay speech follows the same structure and format. The ability to be persuasive and convincing is the basic tenet for both these types of papers. The difference is only in the delivery of the final message. While the paper is mainly meant for readers, a persuasive speech will be read to an audience. Whether for a reading audience or a listening audience, these types of papers have to show support for a particular position. When discussing a topic, you to show and prove why you took a particular position. Thus, in both instances, reasons, facts and references are mandatory.

Most school curricula include persuasive essays and assignments as part of their assessment. At the college level, for instance. You would be required to write a college argumentative essay on a particular topic. Depending on the course, you are given a topic or required to find a topic based on which you would write the paper. In such instances, remember that these essays are meant to dwell on a particular standpoint. When given a topic, you need to either support or oppose the topic with credible reasons. Giving reasons alone will not be enough for a persuasive essay for college or university level. You need to supplement your arguments with references from outside sources. When you follow this approach, be sure that your essay will stand out from the rest.

An Easy Way to Get an Argumentative Essay Thesis

An easy approach to getting an argumentative academic essay is to seek help from academic writing professionals. Our company is among the leading online organizations that offer professional academic help to thousands of students in the world. One of the reasons why we are of value to you is that we have a team of experts qualified in a variety of fields. There are many academic fields of study and many courses available in all these fields. Similarly, there are thousands of topics out there that you can pick for your persuasive essay. The fact that we have many experts means that we can handle every topic you can think of. The other reason why you should seek our help is that we have a strict policy on quality. We understand the need to have a quality paper. In this regard, we guarantee you a top-quality paper that is well aligned with your topic. We also ensure that your paper is 100% plagiarism-free. Our experts have access to top plagiarism checkers thus will always deliver you a paper that is 100% original. Before sending you the paper, our expert proof reads the papers several times to ensure they are free from any grammatical and formatting errors. All these measures are meant to ensure that you are satisfied with our services. We offer argumentative essay help that will meet your academic needs.

Persuasive essays are often written based on a central thesis. In as much as you may write your essay around a particular topic, your thesis must be clear and summarized in the thesis statement. The ability to persuade people through writing is a skill that can be learned, and through practice, you can be able to write good papers. An argumentative essay thesis dictates how you write your paper. The entire paper is based on this thesis and in most of the cases, is developed based on your position as established in the introductory sections of the paper. Most people often get confused and lost when it comes to sticking to one thesis. One way to ensure that you remain in line is to write an outline with your main points first before you start writing the essay. This way, you will use your outline as a template for writing the essay. The outline must have the main points or arguments that support your thesis. When writing the outline, you can also take note of the references that support each claim. This way, you will always remain on track and end up with a very high-quality paper.

So no need to worry anymore about your results, get started here and now. Order from us and receive the best quality papers ever.