How to Turn in a Better Paper? – 5 Essential Essay Checkers

June 13, 2018 | GradeMiners
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The essential editing and proofreading tool for any kind of writer. The instrument is available for free with a basic package of features. Can help you spot grammar, punctuation, and syntax flaws quickly. Is very good in looking up typos. All in all, it has a pretty solid number of available plugins which can help you deliver a better essay charge-free.

On the flip side, ProWritingAid user interface is far from being an eye-candy. It’s a bit hulky and overburdened with context windows. But given the tool is available for free, it’s no big deal. Proofread a text out loud, then check it with this instrument, and voila – a perfectly edited draft is ready!


A popular service, similar to ProWritingAid, still looking a bit more modern. The free version offers corrections regarding grammar and punctuation without any limitations as to text’s length. In case you’re looking for some in-depth stylistics and vocabulary suggestions, opt-in for Grammarly Premium. All in all, this tool is must-use for every student. Quick registration and amazing free features will let you boost essay quality without having to put in extra funds.


A household name in the sphere of checking texts for plagiarism, CopyScape is the number one online tool. Spots plagiarism in seconds. However, it isn’t free. Will cost you 3c per search (up to 200 words),
plus 1c per extra 100 words. This is the price the developers dim fit to know if your text is original or re-writing is due. There’re lots of plagiarism checkers on the web, but CopyScape always remains the real deal.


A mastodon of an essay checker, Turnitin is the most feared instrument among students. It’s mainly used by college professors to check students’ works for plagiarism. Given the service stores such texts in a database, no stone is left unturned in terms of whether you cheated or not. Fooling Turnitin is next-to-impossible. The only way to pass on the text is prepare it from scratch or get lucky rewriting some old texts. Let us answer the most common questions regarding Turnitin:

  • Why professors use Turnitin? – To check if you plagiarized. Today, it’s the most prolific essay checker with somewhat unparalleled efficiency.
  • Is there a way to fool Turnitin? – No. If you do, you’ve just got lucky.
  • Do professors ALWAYS check Turnitin for plagiarism? – Yes, 9/10 times Turnitin will be used.
  • How to check for plagiarism before submitting with Turnitin? – Use CopyScape or any other reliable plagiarism checker.
  • Do essay writing services pass Turnitin? – Yes, if a paper is prepared from scratch, Turnitin finds no fault with it.


Having 4-5 different services to ensure high quality of essays isn’t all too comfortable. That’s why GradeMiners would like to offer you 4 essay writing instruments beneath one roof.

Custom essay writing. Fill in the Order form and have a dedicated writer fulfil your assignment. New essays are authentic and perfectly formatted. Just the right kind of an essay to pass Turnitin with flying colors.

Plagiarism checker. CopyScape loses in popularity while Turnitin is used by professors all too often which is risky. It’s better to rely on a tried-and-true content originality checker from a reputable essay company.

Citation generator. Learning all the difference and little peculiarities between APA, MLA, and Turabian is a pain in the neck for every student. But since in-text citation formatting is a purely monotonous routine, we’ve created an instrument which could help you automate the process.

Title page generator. Another essay writing routine which can be automated. Must be automated! Use our title page generator to get the job done fast. Time is too valuable to waste on preparing a hundredth title page or citation.     

Equipped with these instruments, you could easily supercharge quality of your essays in an instant. Give the services a try and watch a room of difference they’ll make for your performance. Most are free, while others require a small fee. But an A-level essay is worth every cent spent, eh?

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