100 Essay Topics to Boost Your Creativity to Mount Logan

June 6, 2018 | GradeMiners
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A great topic is the foundation of any great research. But usually, it’s where problems start. When you’re not quite familiar with a subject and an assigned essay topic, coming up with a solid essay theme might be difficult. That’s why we’ve drawn up this collection of keen essay topics which will definitely let your creative spirit loose.

20 Cause & Effect Essay Topics

  • Growing up as a child of divorce
  • How bullying affects secondary school children
  • Global warming and air pollution
  • Putin’s and Trump’s politics in the Middle East
  • Getting a sports trauma at an early age
  • Sex at a young age
  • Racism in Canada
  • How social media affect child’s brain
  • Drinking alcohol in high school
  • Domestic violence and quarrelling
  • What happens when pregnant women smoke?
  • Uber is the future of taxi business
  • Facebook is going down
  • Toxic relationships
  • Cheating and plagiarizing during exams
  • Distant relationships: solution or a blind-alley?
  • Globalization and industrialization
  • Effects of drunk driving
  • GMO foods and carcinogens
  • Social effects of testing positive for HIV

20 Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Should we make abortions illegal?
  • Should college athletes sign professional contracts?
  • Should the age of voting be lowered?
  • Should we increase fines for drunk driving?
  • Should all schools have free Wi-Fi access?
  • Should we ban violent video games?
  • Should we lower the age of consent?
  • Should schools pay money for high test scores?
  • Should teachers and pupils wear a school uniform?
  • Should married couples pass a parenthood test before conceiving?
  • Should we ban smoking?
  • Should we increase the military personnel?
  • Should we ban shady video-game monetization practises?
  • Should we make online gambling official?
  • Should college athletes be tested for drugs?
  • Should condoms be free for students?
  • Should we have more job openings for people with special needs?
  • Should Canada take a more active part in the Syrian conflict?
  • Should school cantinas serve food for vegans and vegetarians?
  • Should we allow cursing on television?

20 Analytical/Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Is professional sport too commercialized today?
  • Does academic grading fully evaluate student’s knowledge?
  • Is MBA program worth the money?
  • World sports record that haven’t been beaten yet
  • Increase in eating disorders among the youth
  • Those who sell cigarettes to minors must go to jail
  • Hockey is the best sports game
  • Schools must pay more attention to students’ eating habits
  • Students must be allowed to sleep at least seven hours a day
  • Penalty for texting while driving must be more severe
  • Migrants should be let into Canada more eagerly
  • There should be fewer billboards on the streets
  • The government should pay greater attention to the global warming
  • Education should adopt a more technological approach
  • Censorship on the internet is a waste of taxpayers’ money
  • Politicians should actually go to jail for corruption
  • Spanish is the best language to learn, after English and French
  • Tuition fees should be decreased by 15%
  • Teachers should pass annual proficiency tests
  • Pros and cons of a Doctoral degree

20 Compare & Contrast Essay Topics

  • Home-Tutoring vs. Classic Schooling: Which Is Best in the 21st Century?
  • Amateur vs. Professional Sports: The Chasm of Difference
  • Democracy vs. Totalitarianism: Which Is Actually Better?
  • Obama vs. Trump: Who’s the Worst President of the United States?
  • Full-Time Job vs. Freelance: Which Is More Lucrative in Canada?
  • US vs. Canadian Colleges: What Should You Choose?
  • Why writing a Facebook post is easier than a college essay?
  • Father vs. Mother: Who Canadians Love Most?
  • Why Canadian students write less essays and order more from essay services?
  • Why it’s better to pursue an MBA in Canada rather than in the US?
  • Alexander the Great vs. Genghis Khan: Who Would’ve Prevailed?
  • Reading Paper Books vs. E-books: Which Is More Popular with Canadians?
  • Why Canadian hockey traditions beat Russian?
  • Boyfriends vs. Girlfriends: Who Give More Trouble?
  • North vs. South Korea: What Is the Difference?
  • Is rice a better source of carbs than oatmeal?
  • Homo Habilis vs. Homo Erectus: The Battle of Species
  • New Cars vs. Used: Which a Student Should Pick?
  • Should you start a morning with fruits or vegetables?
  • What is the difference between vegans and vegetarians?

20 Narrative Essay Topics

  • My first day in college
  • Near-death experience and how it affected my future life
  • Valentine’s day I’ll never forget
  • Why I hated primary school?
  • The teacher who influenced my future career choice
  • Bodybuilding – the sport I love the most
  • Family vacation I will never forget
  • What had happened when I forgot about my mom’s birthday
  • The worst injury I had in my entire life
  • This one time I misjudged a person
  • Five life lessons learned in college
  • Why I’ll never follow in my father’s footsteps
  • How the first time driving dad’s car felt?
  • The grandfather I never knew
  • How living without electricity for a week feels?
  • Petty crime I don’t regret
  • How does living in a foster family feel?
  • I will be embarrassed for doing this for the rest of my life
  • The best friend I once had but lost
  • Why I deleted my Facebook account?

Hope these essay ideas will help cogitate a brilliant topic of your own! But if you’re stuck for good, don’t hesitate to give GradeMiners a call. We’ll help you either prepare a new assignment or proofread the one you’ve just fulfilled in no time. Use an essay writing service and score an academic Gordie Howe hat trick (save time for yourself, turn in a Turnitin-proof essay, and ace the course).

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